I began working with Liz in 2003. I was in a very troubled relationship and had an energetic toddler as well. Within 10 sessions with my husband and I , Liz was able to identify our core issues and design a course of healing. We experienced more clarity and hope after 10 sessions with Liz than in years of trying on our own and seeing other counselors. She has an extensive knowledge of mental illness, alcoholism and other issues facing modern families. Her counsel has been an incredible blessing to my family and without the support I am certain my marriage would have ended in divorce. I understand clearly now what personal responsibility is and how I affect my relationship. Through working with Liz I have been encouraged to use every tool possible: al-anon, great books about marriage, prayer, self-care, (etc.) in order to achieve an optimal level of personal mental health.
-young marriage

When I met Liz in 1996, my relationship to my boyfriend was in deep trouble. Through Liz's guidance and help in looking at family of origin issues, my boyfriend and I established a commitment to each other and decided to marry. We had a 4 year old and 18 month old at the time and wanted to understand why we had a difficult time committing to a marriage. The rest is history, we have been successfully married now for 16 years. We have recently asked for further guidance from Liz to make our marriage even more fulfilling. Our love for each other is growing continuously, thanks to Liz's help and knowledge of the marriage commitment.
-older marriage

Our teenager did not want any boundaries to be set for cell phone use, internet use or getting good grades in school. Liz helped us develop a plan to set boundaries with our teen and come to a better understanding of what makes a successful family system. She helped us see that our own family of origin issues were keeping us from developing a family that needed the necessary elements to loving each other. Liz's expertise with teenagers is awesome, in that she can communicate with them in a way that does not set up their defenses, but rather get to their feeling level. By connecting with our feelings as a family we can enjoy each other more fully. Thanks, Liz, you helped us when we needed you most.
-a mom and dad

I never thought I would ever find someone who could objectively listen and discuss my problems. Thinking this way caused me to internalize my problems. With Liz's Christian guidance, I have been able to find ways to resolve my anxiety issues and my ability to cope with what life has handed me.

When I was 22 years old I met Liz and wanted to understand the grief I was experiencing over a break up with a boyfriend. She helped me see that I was worthwhile and needed to set boundaries that would be healthy for me in later relationships. When I met another guy, she provided couples counseling for us. Through that experience, I saw that this would not be a healthy relationship for me. Later that year I met another guy, who I married. We now have two children, age 2 and 6 years old. I came back to see Liz about the transition to parenting and career issues. I am more confident than ever in being a successful wife, mother and career person than ever. Liz helped me find the balance in all of these roles. I feel much more sure of my decisions at all three levels of my life.

Our son was experiencing separation anxiety when he would go to his mother's home and upon returning to our home. Through play therapy, Liz was able to identifiy the feelings our son was having and he is now expressing his feelings surrounding the recent divorce and new blended family. He is no longer waking up during the night and is blending into his new family much better. Through Liz's guidance our family is functioning much better.
-a dad and step-mom

Liz began seeing me for anxiety and depressive mood issues. Through her help and patient listening, I am now able to identify the triggers that cause me anxiety. I am better able to manage my anxiety through the new cognitive messages that we have worked on in therapy. My life is less anxious now, thanks to Liz and her cognitive therapy approach to my problems. Life is enjoyable again!
-an adult